Our Designs


Fat Grass provides a comprehensive garden design service, specialising in bespoke, professionally produced designs that are tailor made just for you.

As a garden designer I work with you to produce computer generated plans for your garden including layout plans, planting plans, indicative dimensions and 3D renderings, giving you all the details you will need about appropriate hard landscaping materials and about the species,varieties and quantities of plants you could use. The designs are based on your needs and the best use of the space so I would talk to you about what styles you like as well as the practical use of the garden before measuring the space (go to the blog for an example of the design process in action) .

A design for an urban garden normally starts at £650, but the price for the design depends on size and complexity so I will discuss that with you when we meet. If you would like a whole new planting scheme without changing the existing layout of your garden, I can also produce a set of planting plans, place the order and do the planting for you.

The good thing about having a design before work starts is that there are no surprises: you will know exactly what to expect and you will know that the design best reflects your needs and best use of the space. It also means you have a clear idea of costs before embarking on the project.

The typical package will include:

  • Initial meet and discussion of your needs
  • Measuring your garden
  • An A3 computer generated garden design with appropriate annotation and hard landscaping suggestions
  • An A3 computer generated planting plan with details of placement and specific varieties/cultivars appropriate to aspect etc.
  • Indicative dimensions for the design
  • 3D visuals

If you decide to go ahead with the project, I can then introduce you to the independent landscaper I have worked with for the last five years who would cost for the hard landscaping elements and I would cost for the plants and planting elements. Alternatively, you can get some costings from a number of independent landscapers and depending on how you would like to proceed, I can still do the planting or leave the design with you.

If I have completed the planting for you, I will provide a comprehensive maintenance plan for the upkeep of the plants.