Our courses

Starting Thursday 19th April!

It’s time to start putting those wonderful garden ideas into practice. Join us on this practical and fun 6 week course and be amazed at what you can achieve for your garden.

A little about us and why we created this course

Cynthia Shewan is a Cheshire based garden designer and tutor who trained (with me) at Reaseheath College in Landscape and Garden Design. We had both previously been in further and higher education before we set up our respective design practices in Manchester and Cheshire. We created this course over five years ago (that long!) because we wanted to provide a non-stuffy, informal and relaxed environment for anyone interested in garden design and particularly interested in working on their own gardens. 

So, what does the course entail?

The most important thing is that you can work at your own pace without deadline expectations. We do provide quite a lot of input in terms of design concepts and theories, and lots of examples from our own work and from existing gardens, as well as providing the tools and space for everyone to develop their own designs on paper. We provide an easy and welcoming space for everyone to throw ideas around, no matter how crazy they may seem in your head!

If you decide to join the course, you will receive:

  • the necessary tools to get you started on designing your own garden
  • fantastic resources to inspire you to think differently about your outdoor space
  • informal and friendly approach to learning about garden design and planting
  • Lots of one to one time to fully explore your ideas

Previous students have thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and humorous nature of the course but have also appreciated the comprehensive and detailed information that has challenged them to think about their gardens in a different way. We encourage you to bounce ideas off each other and to share any inspirational images or ideas. You will also get tea, coffee and a bourbon biscuit!

We love running these courses because seeing your garden ideas turning into wonderful and workable designs is an absolute joy for us. Get in touch if you’d like to know more and get booking as places are limited!

Please call Katherine on 07989968841 or email k.l.watson@hotmail.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing you there!